When I write my characters they already have insanely detailed descriptions in my head, before I have even typed one sentence. They come to life as real people for me. 

What characters have come to life, as "real people" to you? Characters that are so vivid in your mind that you are sure they are in the next room. 

In my writing I have learned that world building is important, dialogue is key, but characterization of your people is the thing that will make people fall in love or respectively hate your guts. 
It is hard to find the line between revealing too much about a character and not enough. I want my readers to be urged to read on because they HAVE to know more, but I also want to give them enough to go on to stay satisfied. 

So my question for my blog readers (hi Mom) is:

Who is your favorite character out of ALL of the books you've read? 

Let me know.

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