SPOILERS! If you haven't finished the series don't read anymore!!!


A. I really did like how the book ended. This is not to say that I didn't cry and want to chuck my book (iPad) out the window, because I seriously considered that. But it was poetic and honestly necessary, because a Happily Ever After isn't always realistic. 
B. Is it just me or did Four/Tobias become a little unlikable in Allegiant. There were parts where I was down right pissed at him. But in the end I did want to know if he ever got over Tris' death and if he ever ended up making tiny baby Tobias' that only had four fears. 

C. I thought that the timing of Tris' death was perfect. Her understanding of love and sacrifice came full circle, she was the selfless Abnegation that she was raised to be while remaining dauntless and choosing to be brave. 

What were your thoughts? 
Were you angry for not getting your epic happily ever after?
Was it good for you?



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