I recently read an article on Publisher's Weekly that talked about the agent's perspective on YA and what the next trends were going to be. As I read it, I found myself being excited and disappointed. In the one hand I can understand how it would be hard to read the current trends in submission after submission. As a reader I know when I find something I like, I look for similar books. So I can continue immersing myself in the books. So even though editors and agents may be sick of Dystopian and Paranormal, I still like these novels and elements showing up in my books. I like different twists. I read so much, so often that I love practically everything in the YA genre. So it is hard for me, because I think those two types of novels will still sale. Regardless of how many have come across in submissions. 

Maybe this is just hopeful thinking coming from a girl who has a manuscript out on submission that is in the Urban Fantasy genre. That has elements of mermaids and Greek mythology wrapped in the modern world with a nice big red bow on top. I think my novel still has commercial appeal, so seeing an article like the PW one is a kick to my ego. So, my question is: What do you think? Do you still like books with witches, vampires, mermaids, apocalypses, and dystopian societies? Or are you over it? 

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Paula knight
10/11/2013 7:35pm

I must say I had my fill of vampires after all the Twilight books, Snookie Stackhouse stuff yadda, yadda. Then all the vampire TV shows it was over kill in my opinion.

But I love witches, ancient or modern I do not care.!

10/12/2013 8:42pm

I like the Twilight kind of vampires that never really suck blood (I hate bloodsuckers!) and I love dystopian stories that are nicely done (looking at Steelheart). And witches! Bottomline's anything can still work today if done well.

10/13/2013 10:58am

Agreed! I just love a well-written story, regardless of the trends.


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