Nobody tells this to people who are beginners… It's gonna take awhile. It's normal to take awhile. You just gotta fight your way through.

— Ira Glass

This summer, from roughly July to mid-August I had an insane writer's block. I could barely get ten words on the page before walking away. I was stressed, interviewing for different jobs. I was frustrated, upon having my manuscript out on Full Requests only to get three replies back in a the same week (Four day time period) that said it "just wasn't a good fit" while they appreciated my writing. They had to love it and they "just didn't". Ugh. The rejection was rough. One in particular I had a great connection with, I even remember commenting that I wanted to be friends with her in real life, after meeting her in New York last April. So I was blocked, bad. I was down on my writing. Went through the emotions of convincing myself that this is just a pipe dream. That nothing will ever come of it. All of the words that I have written will only ever have a home on my Google Drive. I was bummed. 

I got over it.

I got a new Critique Partner- who rocks by the way (@1prncs). 

I got a new muse. (thanks Chris Hemsworth) 

I put on my big girl pants and I started writing.

I started querying other agents on my list. 

I started talking about my writing again. (for a while I was convinced if I talked about it, I would get negative Ju Ju and the agent Gods wouldn't allow me to get an agent. Wild imagination? Yeah I'm a writer.)

Now I am writing, working on my Urban Sci-Fi (soft sci-fi). It, of course, is Young Adult. I really like it and part of me feels like it is my best writing yet. Every story I have written is completely different and gets me excited. I have a few in my pipeline that I am also excited to pursue once I finish my current wip. So that is my journey this summer. Overcoming my block and believing in myself.

Just write. 

"I felt a spark, like a fire radiating through my lungs. At the same time it felt like a million tiny razor blades ran just below my earlobe. Water entered my lungs. That was the strangest sensation of all, my body filling with water. I exhaled, realizing I had to let go. This was it, the claiming."

From Chapter Fourteen.

I just finished Origin this morning. (Jennifer L. Armentrout) 
Last week I read an ARC of Unafraid. (Melody Grace)

Both were fantastic and so incredibly different. 

Origin is a part of the Lux series and you should probably read it if you are into YA at all.

Unafraid is set in the same town as Unbroken and is in the New Adult category. It is sweet, sexy, and a perfect weekend read. 

So my question to you is: What are you reading? What is on your list for fall? 

I am so excited for Intermittent Chronicles and Divergent #3....
Along with a slew of other titles, those are just both screaming at me.

Also side note: kind of. Have you read the series by B.C. Burgess? Probably the best new series I read the entire summer long. It was witchy and sexy and thrilling. You should probably read that too.

Alright I am going to write my own MS right now. 

Night All.



Writers! Did you enter Brenda Drakes Pitch Madness contest?! I did. There were 487 pitches and they are only picking 60! We find out if we go to the Agent monopoly round on Septemer 6th! Also- if you missed the submission window for the pitch you can still pitch via Twitter on September 12th #pitmad! Only 140 characters, get ready!! Follow @brendadrake for all the details.

Wish me luck!




Until just this last week I didn't understand the big deal behind having a critique partner or group. In the past I have "tried out" a few CP's where it just hasn't worked out. But now I have a group and they rock. I feel much more productive, motivated, and reinvigorated about my writing. So if you are in search of a group, take the time to find people who you jive with, because they are worth their weight in gold.

Apollo's Muses::: On the road to bring published!



April 2012

I love New York.
I have said it before, but the energy in that city is intoxicating. 
I love the diversity and how you can move from one block in one culture, 
to a completely different culture in the next block! 

The Conference.
It was such an incredible experience. 
The PitchSlam was amazing.
I stood in line to wait to meet with agents and 
felt butterfly's creep their way from my stomach to my throat. 
I was incredibly nervous, but I had practiced my pitch and love my novel.
I was hoping my passion for writing would be portrayed in my pitch.
I met with ten agents.
The night before we had a "how to" for pitching (if you will)
It was something along the lines of
You get 90 seconds.
Sell your book.
Sell Yourself.
Don't read off of anything.
Be concise.
Represent your genre clearly. 
Don't offend anyone. 
You want business cards.
If one or two agents want your manuscript you should be doing back flips.

So I went into the next day with hopes, but didn't want to set unrealistic expectations for myself. 

I sat down with agent one. We really clicked right off the bat.
She was around my age and we talked right up until the bell.
(imagine speed dating with literary agents)
She handed me her card and said, send me your full manuscript. 
*enter nodding, smiling, in shock, Kelli*
I got in line for my next agent on my list.
(see there was agents from EVERY genre, so you had to pick the best ones for you.)
She also wanted a full request. 
*excitement, shock, adrenaline*
Next agent wanted 50 pages.
Next agent wanted 50 pages.
Next agent wanted a Full.
Next agent wanted a Full.
Next agent wanted the first 3 chapters.
Next agent wanted 50 pages.
Next agent wanted 50 pages.
Next agent wanted a Full.

I got 10/10 agents. 
From what I understand...(maybe my ego is inflated?)
That is pretty freaking good. 

*the cheerleader in me wanted to kick and jump and flip*
I was smiling like an idiot and trying to contain my excitement. 

So at this point. I have sent out my manuscript to the agents above. 
Now the waiting game begins.
Keep your fingers crossed.

Chase your dreams.
There is nothing better in the world than seeing something through.
And having the outcome come out better than you hope.

Not to say I didn't receive rejections... 
because I have. In my queries I have received ten rejections via email.

That isn't what it is about though.
If you are passionate about something, 
pursue it to the best of your ability. 
No dream is too big. 
Ground yourself and surround yourself with people who love you. 
Then go for it.
Why the hell not? 

The worst thing anyone can tell you is No.
Their loss, right?