This summer, from roughly July to mid-August I had an insane writer's block. I could barely get ten words on the page before walking away. I was stressed, interviewing for different jobs. I was frustrated, upon having my manuscript out on Full Requests only to get three replies back in a the same week (Four day time period) that said it "just wasn't a good fit" while they appreciated my writing. They had to love it and they "just didn't". Ugh. The rejection was rough. One in particular I had a great connection with, I even remember commenting that I wanted to be friends with her in real life, after meeting her in New York last April. So I was blocked, bad. I was down on my writing. Went through the emotions of convincing myself that this is just a pipe dream. That nothing will ever come of it. All of the words that I have written will only ever have a home on my Google Drive. I was bummed. 

I got over it.

I got a new Critique Partner- who rocks by the way (@1prncs). 

I got a new muse. (thanks Chris Hemsworth) 

I put on my big girl pants and I started writing.

I started querying other agents on my list. 

I started talking about my writing again. (for a while I was convinced if I talked about it, I would get negative Ju Ju and the agent Gods wouldn't allow me to get an agent. Wild imagination? Yeah I'm a writer.)

Now I am writing, working on my Urban Sci-Fi (soft sci-fi). It, of course, is Young Adult. I really like it and part of me feels like it is my best writing yet. Every story I have written is completely different and gets me excited. I have a few in my pipeline that I am also excited to pursue once I finish my current wip. So that is my journey this summer. Overcoming my block and believing in myself.

Just write. 


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