SPOILERS! If you haven't finished the series don't read anymore!!!

I just finished Origin this morning. (Jennifer L. Armentrout) 
Last week I read an ARC of Unafraid. (Melody Grace)

Both were fantastic and so incredibly different. 

Origin is a part of the Lux series and you should probably read it if you are into YA at all.

Unafraid is set in the same town as Unbroken and is in the New Adult category. It is sweet, sexy, and a perfect weekend read. 

So my question to you is: What are you reading? What is on your list for fall? 

I am so excited for Intermittent Chronicles and Divergent #3....
Along with a slew of other titles, those are just both screaming at me.

Also side note: kind of. Have you read the series by B.C. Burgess? Probably the best new series I read the entire summer long. It was witchy and sexy and thrilling. You should probably read that too.

Alright I am going to write my own MS right now. 

Night All.