"I started reading Thalassa this evening and couldn't stop until I was done, it's now 10 minutes to 3 AM. Excellent story, I literally couldn't stop reading it, lol! I should get to sleep now."

"I really adore the story and so badly want to know what happens next. Please do me a favor, like a prize for finishing your story before you finished mine, tell me if her and Zane end up together so I can go to sleep."

"I love the things you've revealed. I really do. I love the young, intense love, how they're drawn to each other, how she's got fickle emotions: happy, mad, irritated, it's authentic.'

Beta readers and critique partners have taught me so much about my story. I have it out with one more beta reader right now. 

A note to writer's: After you have written, re-written, edited, and polished your work. Beta Readers will tell you so much about your story... pacing, flow, emotions. The writing community is incredibly supportive and some of the absolute nicest people I have ever met. Follow the #writeclub for sprints on Friday's via @FridayNightWrites. If you start following a few key people and making connections, it will help your writing tremendously. It takes a village. 




Until just this last week I didn't understand the big deal behind having a critique partner or group. In the past I have "tried out" a few CP's where it just hasn't worked out. But now I have a group and they rock. I feel much more productive, motivated, and reinvigorated about my writing. So if you are in search of a group, take the time to find people who you jive with, because they are worth their weight in gold.

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