First and foremost, if you haven't seen the movie OR read the books. You should not read further. Unless you don't plan to do either... but then how could you do that? Why would you do that? 
Because A. J Law is awesome and real and herself and everything that is good in the world. 
 And B. There is a lot more Gale in Catching Fire aka Liam Hemsworth. Who is just. Yumm. 
Besides the fact that the acting was fabulous and the story was told right. 
I want to be friends with these people in real life. 
Can we please all agree that J. Law would make an excellent choice in besties? 
Then add to the fact that these two guys follow her around... 
Why yes J. Law I will be your wing girl. 

It was good, fantastic even. 
As a harsh critique of books turned movies I was beyond thrilled with the adaption. 
Happy Hunger Games. 

Go see it, let me know your thoughts. 


On Writing | By: Stephen King

It's safe to say this book is going to be well worth the sixteen dollars I spent on it. Learning from the master, who I would love to meet in real life. Writers club for life my friends!



So, I have made an executive decision for myself.
Because... you know, that is the only kind you can make on behalf of yourself.

It is #NaNoWriMo and I so badly wanted to participate this year. 
I am 40k into my WIP (remember what this stands for non-writer friends??)
So me and few of my writing gals of Twitter have decided to do #WIPmo or Work In Progress Month.
We are going to check in every week and hold each other accountable. So that we hit our goals on our manuscripts that have been slow in the making. I am trying to reach 65k words by the end of the month. So my goal for November is 25k words + Edits for the entire manuscript. 

I'm actually pretty stoked on it. 

So NaNo'ers and WIPmo's let's do this. 

*throws glitter in the air* 
*does backflip*

(Are you feeling my cheering you on- because I am a fantastic online cheerleader.) 

READY... Set... Go GO GO! 

Good Luck.
Do Work People.