My Mom is a huge support in my life. She always has been. 

Since I have entered into the Writing world, she has been excited and curious. 
Like most Moms are. (I would guess.)
She dutifully calls me once a week (usually more, but) to talk about my writing. She always inevitably asks if I have heard from any agents. 

So we have the conversation of "No, not yet Mom."
When will you hear? "I have no idea? From what I understand the publishing process is a long one, it could be hours it could be months or even a year." (sigh from her) Oh. But I just love your story. (Glad I have my Mom, we all need someone to cheer us on.) "I know Mom, thanks. I guess it will all work out when and how it is supposed to." Yeah that is absolutely right. (cue motivational speech) 

So, for those of you who know I was lucky enough to be sent to New York City by my husband as a birthday gift. There I attended a Writing Conference and got to meet with agents in a Pitch Slam. (Imagine speed dating, but with books. Bells and all) I met with ten agents, had ten people request. Since then I have heard from six of them, being very polite versions of "You are a great writer, I'm afraid I just didn't connect and you want someone to love this who is going to sell it." All of the rejections were right, I do want someone to love it and marry it and produce millions of book babies around the world. :) (you like that?) 

That is where I am. Being patient is definitely a virtue (one that I don't really possess.) I could lie and pretend I am cool as a cucumber any time my inbox dings or that I wasn't manically checking QueryTracker and following the agents I have queried on Twitter. But I do all those things. In the mean time I write and critique other authors works in progress. Always moving forward. 



"I started reading Thalassa this evening and couldn't stop until I was done, it's now 10 minutes to 3 AM. Excellent story, I literally couldn't stop reading it, lol! I should get to sleep now."

"I really adore the story and so badly want to know what happens next. Please do me a favor, like a prize for finishing your story before you finished mine, tell me if her and Zane end up together so I can go to sleep."

"I love the things you've revealed. I really do. I love the young, intense love, how they're drawn to each other, how she's got fickle emotions: happy, mad, irritated, it's authentic.'

Beta readers and critique partners have taught me so much about my story. I have it out with one more beta reader right now. 

A note to writer's: After you have written, re-written, edited, and polished your work. Beta Readers will tell you so much about your story... pacing, flow, emotions. The writing community is incredibly supportive and some of the absolute nicest people I have ever met. Follow the #writeclub for sprints on Friday's via @FridayNightWrites. If you start following a few key people and making connections, it will help your writing tremendously. It takes a village. 



Nobody tells this to people who are beginners… It's gonna take awhile. It's normal to take awhile. You just gotta fight your way through.

— Ira Glass

This summer, from roughly July to mid-August I had an insane writer's block. I could barely get ten words on the page before walking away. I was stressed, interviewing for different jobs. I was frustrated, upon having my manuscript out on Full Requests only to get three replies back in a the same week (Four day time period) that said it "just wasn't a good fit" while they appreciated my writing. They had to love it and they "just didn't". Ugh. The rejection was rough. One in particular I had a great connection with, I even remember commenting that I wanted to be friends with her in real life, after meeting her in New York last April. So I was blocked, bad. I was down on my writing. Went through the emotions of convincing myself that this is just a pipe dream. That nothing will ever come of it. All of the words that I have written will only ever have a home on my Google Drive. I was bummed. 

I got over it.

I got a new Critique Partner- who rocks by the way (@1prncs). 

I got a new muse. (thanks Chris Hemsworth) 

I put on my big girl pants and I started writing.

I started querying other agents on my list. 

I started talking about my writing again. (for a while I was convinced if I talked about it, I would get negative Ju Ju and the agent Gods wouldn't allow me to get an agent. Wild imagination? Yeah I'm a writer.)

Now I am writing, working on my Urban Sci-Fi (soft sci-fi). It, of course, is Young Adult. I really like it and part of me feels like it is my best writing yet. Every story I have written is completely different and gets me excited. I have a few in my pipeline that I am also excited to pursue once I finish my current wip. So that is my journey this summer. Overcoming my block and believing in myself.

Just write. 

"I felt a spark, like a fire radiating through my lungs. At the same time it felt like a million tiny razor blades ran just below my earlobe. Water entered my lungs. That was the strangest sensation of all, my body filling with water. I exhaled, realizing I had to let go. This was it, the claiming."

From Chapter Fourteen.

I just finished Origin this morning. (Jennifer L. Armentrout) 
Last week I read an ARC of Unafraid. (Melody Grace)

Both were fantastic and so incredibly different. 

Origin is a part of the Lux series and you should probably read it if you are into YA at all.

Unafraid is set in the same town as Unbroken and is in the New Adult category. It is sweet, sexy, and a perfect weekend read. 

So my question to you is: What are you reading? What is on your list for fall? 

I am so excited for Intermittent Chronicles and Divergent #3....
Along with a slew of other titles, those are just both screaming at me.

Also side note: kind of. Have you read the series by B.C. Burgess? Probably the best new series I read the entire summer long. It was witchy and sexy and thrilling. You should probably read that too.

Alright I am going to write my own MS right now. 

Night All.